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The Bayou Classic provides prospective sponsors an opportunity to partner with Grambling State University and Southern University in presenting one of America’s signature sporting events.
Bayou Classic is the historic gridiron rivalry between Grambling State University and Southern University, encompassing a weeklong series of entertaining and socially enriching events from November 25-30 in New Orleans, LA. The famed Classic embodies a family friendly atmosphere and fosters an economic impact of $50 million to the greater city of New Orleans. With record-breaking attendance in 2015 since the Classic returned to New Orleans following Katrina in 2006 after a one-year hiatus in Houston, the Battle of the Bands & Greek Show boosted its attendance numbers to 29,652 and 62,907 for the 42nd Annual Bayou Classic game. The 44th Annual Bayou Classic in 2017, pushed the Bayou Classic to the top spot as the #1 HBCU Classic and the most attended football game in the FCS division. Last year, the 46th Annual Bayou Classic held the #1 HBCU Classic Title for the third year, with a game attendance of 68,341 fans.
The legendary game between Grambling State University and Southern University approaches its 46th year this November and with viewership over 5.5 million in 2015 on the NBC Sports Network, the Bayou Classic has proven to be a steadfast beacon of legacy and tradition that extends beyond the HBCU community. Over 200,000 fans from across the nation journey to New Orleans during Thanksgiving weekend to witness the electrifying football game between Grambling State and Southern, while eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated halftime show featuring two of the greatest marching bands in the nation. Proceeds from the Bayou Classic events provide support to the campuses’ athletic programs and fund scholarships through the GSU Foundation and the SU System Foundation.  
If you are interested in Bayou Classic sponsorship, please contact:
Susan Landry
Sponsorship Director
phone: 504-888-7608

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